About WeStar

Our Mission

Our mission is building bonds among members from Chinese community in Weston, MA through various events. Our specific purposes and objectives are as follows:

  • Celebrate Chinese Traditions
  • Sponsor and/or organize events promoting cultural exchange and inheritance
  • Sponsor and/or organize events enriching the lives of Weston residents and those in the surrounding communities.
  • Fundraising and aid in the relief of important issues such as natural disasters, epidemics, and others as they effect the Chinese community.

Our Team

  • 2021 board members
    Ge, Qian (Chair and President)
    Wang, Yan (Secretary)
    Huang, Yong (Treasurer)
    Huang, Yingkun (Director)
    Hu, Hongxia (Director)
    Wu, Fan (Director)
    Yang, Fan (Director)
  • 2020 board members
    Wu, Fan (Chair and President)
    Guo, Yun(Secretary)
    Yang, Xiaowen (Treasurer)
    Ge, Qian (Director)
    Shen, Jinshan (Director)
    Huang, Yingkun (Director)
    Liu, Trcia (Director)

Our Bylaws