About WeStar

Our Mission

Our mission is building bonds among members from Chinese community in Weston, MA through various events. Our specific purposes and objectives are as follows:

  • Celebrate Chinese Traditions
  • Sponsor and/or organize events promoting cultural exchange and inheritance
  • Sponsor and/or organize events enriching the lives of Weston residents and those in the surrounding communities.
  • Fundraising and aid in the relief of important issues such as natural disasters, epidemics, and others as they effect the Chinese community.

Our Team

  • 2024-2025 board members
    Hung Ha Wu (Chair and President)
    Tian Guo (Secretary)
    Chen, Xiaolin (Treasurer)
    Wang, Yan (Vice-President)
    Huang, Yong (Vice-President)
    Abel Dschung (Director)
    Nancy Nie (Director)

  • 2022-2023 board members
    Ge, Qian (Chair and President)
    Yang, Shang (Secretary)
    Chen, Xiaolin (Treasurer)
    Feng Huang, Yingkun (Director)
    Hu, Hongxia (Director)
    Huang, Yong (Director)
    Wang, Yan (Director)
    Wu, Amy (Director)
    Wu, Fan (Director)
  • 2021 board members
    Ge, Qian (Chair and President)
    Wang, Yan (Secretary)
    Huang, Yong (Treasurer)
    Huang, Yingkun (Director)
    Hu, Hongxia (Director)
    Wu, Fan (Director)
    Yang, Fan (Director)
  • 2020 board members
    Wu, Fan (Chair and President)
    Guo, Yun(Secretary)
    Yang, Xiaowen (Treasurer)
    Ge, Qian (Director)
    Shen, Jinshan (Director)
    Huang, Yingkun (Director)
    Liu, Tricia (Director)

Our Bylaws